‘WoodMart' is a premium WordPress theme developed from the scratch  to build superior WooCommerce online shops of every kind. Focused on customer experience, WoodMart primarily uses AJAX technology to start giving users an efficient and simple online store interface with no need to continuously refresh their pages.

Create anything like a online store which you can think and start to earn that passive income stream that you've been going to think around with ‘WoodMart' for WordPress, and just never think back.

Panel Settings theme

With such a powerful Theme Admin Area that enables you to modify a wide range of Theme Settings with just a single click, you don't even need a coding knowledge. Without any need for numerous plugins to control it, WoodMart is intelligent, lean and quick, so that you can do business. The Theme Configuration section gives you a visual interface that enables easy and quick changes.

Totally customizable

Everything's been adjusted and created to react to your customizable queries with a minimal level of turmoil, so what you're left with is a fully customizable webpage that can quickly and easily evolve to your requests.

Modify your fonts, update your colour scheme to match your branding strategy, keep updating your swatches to display numerous product variations – all reachable from the familiarity of the user friendly WordPress admin area.

Design of Responsive

Of course, WoodMart includes a fully responsive design that transforms itself to best represent the device on which it is displayed. This means that you really can bring on with the better things, such as listing things for sale, constructing a killer shop and having to leave the technical things to the designers.

The developer guarantee that your webpage will display smoothly through any type of device you could imagine of with no additional work on your step – laptops, smartphones, PCs and tablets – carefully thought out included in the theme layout design of such an intelligent website.

Ready for Retina

They also ensured that the new website displays the maximum possible screen resolution per user device. When that appears to be a retina-ready device, the showcase will glow with color schemes which are simply out from this world.

Start making the most out of the your photo with the this retina ready WordPress theme, you won't regret it.

SEO Optimisation

SEO is much like the hottest buzz phrase of the century, but then to make it short suggests that your site needs to be coded in that certain form so Search Engines such As google and Bing can find the correct things to do to list your site properly.

It indicates clean code, excellently designed, and support for about every powerful Seo plugin that gives you more power over the use of right metadata in the correct place and is free of bloat.

AJAX is a new technique used during web designed to allow a web page to interact with a web server without reload the page. This is best shown when searching for a product. You think you don't have an AJAX powered site as every category shift or product swatch update you create a whole page reloads and  flickers .

Not through WoodMart, man. Using the best technology available, they've managed to get away from this problem or any kind of product galleries with stacks of aspects and types that just update as you choose them. It gives your clients the very kind of journey you'd expect in today's leading online marketplace. Live up to those expectations for WordPress with WoodMart – simple.

More than 35 demo layouts

A great website should have had a good supply of demo design layouts to get you started, and they recognized it from the beginning and walked out difficult from the door from over 35 spectacular designs from which to choose. You can use their theme for any store, such as furniture,  clothing, fashion,electronics, glasses, watches, sports, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and much more. Woodmart theme is indeed acceptable for company and mag websites which can be used without WooCommerce.

Sophisticated Variable Goods

It is a must to be eligible to utilize multiple product independent variable and watches to products in your store. WoodMart is designed by letting you to have a single listing, but displaying many colors for instances, or a product with multiple sizes, styles, types, and purposes.

It provides your stores much more depth, on every product to be able to create multiple attributes and variations, and then as soon as they have been added to the Cart they show up, no page reloads, no refresh needed. Once you started trying it, there's no way of looking back.

Drag & Drop Header Builder

A great customer experience often begins via an amazing header design, but as stupid as that might sound with some, this is often ignored. On the next WoodMart iteration, we're releasing a strong ‘Drag & Drop' header builder which provides you total control over the design of the headers. Drag blocks in place, update background images, label them,  colors, borders, padding your name. With just a straightforward GUI that everyone can use to create something truly unique.

Click here to see live demo of WoodMart Theme >>

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