Beaver Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder WordPress plugin which lets you create your site without writing the code. You could build your site by simply choosing and dragging the content or element and just putting it where you can use it, and that was it! Beaver Builder is trying to manage the code portion on its own!

Beaver Builder provides a variety of modules and over 30 pre-built layouts for landing pages only. Besides that, you'll also have 25 page content  to pick from!

Customize and Editing  these layout templates is very easy. You could do this by adding or deleting the modules you would like to see in here, and you're doing all of this in real time!

Why is Beaver Builder different?

Beaver builder is a beginner's love because of its ease of using it, and website developers really like it for its extensibility and reliability  . Beaver Builder does have a large social network of enthused and helpful users, including a Social media page, a Slack Group, and a group forum There are a lot of third-party plugins and useful code snippets through GitHub made a contribution by their community.

Beaver Builder is a drag-and-drop feature-rich  page builder plugin which allows us to create awesome WordPress content as pain free as possible.

With  Beaver Builder:

Users could create custom page and post by drag & drop elements to a screen

Users don't really need to code everything by finger, and they don't need HTML skills

Users can continue to use their existing WordPress theme

User will get to see outcomes of their work right away.

With all of those, Beaver Builder is expected to be convenient for the vast majority of customers, website developers and WordPress designers. The biggest selling point is that going to work with content website (and also developing websites from scratch) will be much quicker and more efficient.

Another crucial feature to think is what tends to happen if you remove your page builder plugin. Several other page builders operate by attaching shortcodes into every page which attach to the content in the database, so that if you remove the plugin, then you'll be left with a lot of shortcodes in the WordPress editor, without any ability to reach the content. Beaver Builder, from the other side, will save images and text to the WordPress editor so if you delete the plugin. You end up losing your layout, but you shouldn't lose your content.


Visual drag-and-drop feature. The Beaver Builder page editing allows the user to visually edit what each page looks like. Everything that you have to do is pick a new content block first from menu and then drag it in to the suitable point. You'll be able to see whether the blocks will appear like from the original page. You will then be able to display modifications to the appearance of the page in real – time basis.

The lack of clumsiness. The configuration interface is fairly straightforward, with no unnecessities for whistles and bells . All modules are discovered in an extendable sidebar. This helps to create a free distraction environment in which you can create your webpage.

Pre-formatted types of blocks. The Beaver Builder Modules Base enable you to place images, format text,  and embed information from sites such as YouTube.

Modules. You could also use the Beaver Builder to configure the modules that are visible on the specific pages of the website. It provides greater flexibility than in the built-in  widget feature, that only allows you switch widgets for all or no pages. Many other based plugin widgets still will be seamlessly integrated with the Beaver Builder.

WordPress Themes Compatibility. Beaver Builder did work with every WordPress theme, but you must find combining it with a page builder plugin-friendly wordpress theme for better result.

Based Column layouts. Beaver Builder offers a variety  rows layouts with columns on different sizes. You could even use them to arrange vital information in a much more exciting way with no need for a code.

Possibility to totally create custom post, page,  and also customized post types. You could use Beaver Builder to develop a consistent appearance for the website or even to provides a distinct feel to any single part of website content.

Beaver Builder License Packages

Like many other page builders, Beaver Builder will covers a diverse range of premium products to users with complex requirements. All of the plans allow you use the Beaver Builder on unrestricted sites on the internet, which really is different compared to several other WordPress page builder plugins.

Standard – $99 – The Standard Package offers you full rights to premium templates and modules , as well as one year of customer service. You also have the capabilities to save the page layouts for repurpose or even export them so that they could be utilized with other websites.

Pro – $199 – This package gives all the same standard package features , with the extra of multi-site WordPress compatibility and  the Beaver Builder theme access.

Agency – $399 – This package comes with the same features as the previous Pro package, with the extra of multi-site network configuration and white label .

Premium modules also provide content sliders, post-carousels, pricing tables, contact forms, and WooCommerce modules. These features can significantly reduce the amount of other plugins users will need develop the excellent website.


Selecting a page builder plugin for your  WordPress website is a good decision Going to change the way you build and design web content down the street can trigger compatibility problems, so it's important to start using a tool you think you're going to be satisfied to use it for the longer term.

Luckily, Beaver Builder is a good option both for newbies and also more professional users Plus, it's easy to start with what you've been seeing above.

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