Developing a website is a challenging task to do. You have to think so many things not only to make the website interesting to see but also to boost its traffic. One of the tasks you have to do is applying the best theme to make the website looks attracting. On the other hand, finding the best theme for your website is difficult due to the thousands of themes. This article is about to introduce a recommended place to buy WordPress themes namely themify. You are about to know why people love to use premium WordPress themes from this provider.

When Themify Begins Its Service

This WordPress theme provider is considered as the oldest and trusted in WordPress theme industry along with six years of experience. It was launched by Nick La and Darcy Clarke. Before developing the WordPress provider, Nick La successfully developing Web Designer Wall. What makes this provider special is that of not all providers are able to grow stronger.

The WordPress theme provider becomes the solution for people who are developing a WordPress based website. You are not only can buy beautiful premium WordPress themes but you can also buy powerful plugins. You may buy both or just one of them. This provider is also developed to support people who have multiple websites so they can buy all of the WordPress products easier and faster. The business runs under the WordPress company and it means as the website owners you will get the latest products update to buy. For the first time users, you can try the free themes and plugins to see how worth it the theme is before changing it to the premium.

The Cost to Spend to Use Themify Premium WordPress Themes

Talking about premium WordPress themes it means we have to talk about the price. So, how much money you have to spend to get your favorite WordPress themes from Themify?  The price of the theme is various and it depends on the complexity of the plugins. The more complex the plugin, the more expensive the price. The good news, the cost is standard but you get more benefits from the service.

For example, this provider offers individual themes for $49. The average cost for all themes is around $19 to $39 per theme. You need to spend $10 more for the add-ons plugins. You will get more benefits and great deals by joining the club membership.

There are four types of club memberships you can choose. The first membership is the standard club membership. The benefit of this membership is that you can use all themes available for only $79 a year. Second, you can take the developer club membership. By paying $99 per year, you have an access to all WordPress themes available and the Photoshop files. If you want to get more benefits, just take the master club membership. This membership offers access to all themes, photoshop files, and plugins for only $139 per year. For those who want to pay the cost annually, you can choose to join the lifetime master club membership. You just need to pay $399 once and you will get lifetime access to everything offered by the provider.

Interestingly, you can use those premium themes for the unlimited number of websites. Even, if you are an agency you can use the themes to support your client’s sites. The provider supports you with full support as long as you join the membership programs. Just check your needs first to decide the best club membership you have to take. If it is necessary, you may consult it first to the expert or to the customer service. As the result, you are not only applying the best and beautiful theme based on the niche but also save your money.

Valuable Themify Features

People also love to use premium WordPress themes from Themify because it is supported by several valuable features. For example, there is a demo feature which is used to guide first-time users. Just like any demo, it shows you the steps to use the theme and make your website looks beautiful than before with the selected premium WordPress theme. After watching the demo, this is the time for you to design your own website just like what you want. Themify themes are supported by a Themify Builder feature. This feature is used to customize the theme so you can decide the best colors, fonts, and icons to make your website more beautiful and valuable for the visitors.

Building a website is not only about creating a beautiful theme but also supporting it with great content. Due to this fact, the premium themes from this provider is using a built-in shortcodes feature. By using this feature, you are able to add great content to the site anytime you want fast. The best part, the feature is also used as a free plugin and it makes the feature able to use in any kind of website even if it is not the websites from this provider. To help you to manage the website well, this provider also compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, and the update WordPress core. The main function of those purposes is to make sure that you can build and develop your website maximally so you can also achieve your goals.

The Most Popular Themify Premium WordPress Themes

There are a lot of premium WordPress themes you can choose. To make it easy to choose, the themes are classified into several categories. Those categories are including e-commerce, corporate, magazine, portfolio, restaurant, and many other categories. If you get confused about the best theme you have to choose, just take it from the most popular premium themes. Let’s learn some of them a little bit so you get a wider overview of the best themes you can apply to support your website.

Ultra Theme

A website is not only for developing a business. Actually, you can use for any kind of purposes including for personal branding, news sharing, promoting products and services, and even for fun. One of the best Themify themes you can use it Ultra theme. The theme is developed with a versatile design so it can be used for any kind of website niches. You just need to customize the layout, color, and font based on the niche of the website. In a short time, you will have a great website to develop. The cost of this theme is $49.

Landing Theme

If you want to use the website to get email addresses from the visitors, you need to build a landing page on the website. Landing theme is the best option in which the design is simple but attractive. The design triggers the visitors to give their email address to get the latest information from your website. You can choose one of 5 header and 25 templates options so you can create the best landing page. You also need to spend $49 to get this theme.

Infinite Theme

For those who want to develop a website with fashion niche, you may choose the Infinite theme. The theme has a large slider and stylish typography. You can also use this theme for a storytelling website. The visitors will be curious about the big image and then scroll it to know the content. Spending $49 is worth it for a great website with the Infinite theme.

Split Theme

The Split is also another beautiful WordPress theme presented by Themify. The best part of this theme is that your website will be supported by an eye-catching animation anytime you scrolling down the page, This theme works well if you want to compare something side by side.

Stack Theme

The Stack is considered as one of the most popular premium WordPress themes because of its unique design. This is a great option if you want to have a Windows 8 Metro design on your website. Some website owners choose this theme due to the colorful and stunning scheme. You can also customize it easily to get the best theme design just like what you need.

Themify Builder Plugin

Themify Theme performance can’t be separated from the plugin, its also give you a powerful plugin known as Themify Builder Plugin. You can buy this powerful plugin for $39 or if you take the master club membership or above. The function of this plugin is to help you to design the website and the layout beautifully. Themify also help you maximally your design with the plugin that supported by maps, galleries, call-to-action buttons, and many more. You can also choose over 60 stylish animations By the time you take this builder plugin, your website has a pro image, pricing table, bar chart, progress bars, and many others.

In short, you are about to have a professional website soon to grab more visitors to come. The professional design and theme make them comfort while exploring the website. As the result, they will recommend your website to their friends. Themify also supported by a post type builder plugin. Themify builder plugin will give you a complete access to customize your website, it will help you to build a great template, and create the best design to your website.

From this explanation, you know why most website owners or agencies love to use premium WordPress themes from Themify. They know that this provider gives more than just an interesting theme to apply.

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