What is Genesis Framework  and why are you supposed to use it? Genesis is a framework theme developed by StudioPress. Genesis features are including: mobile optimization, custom page templates, theme options, customizable headers and  content widget features. With such a bunch of positive side, this WordPress framework theme is incredibly effective and versatile.

Genesis manages the optimization of your google search for both you and handles SEO as a primary concern. You can set title tag  and meta descriptions tag for posts and pages. Genesis was always oriented toward the SEO and, with updated the theme, it will keeps going to stay up to date with SEO changes, ensuring that your website is updated.

It is absolutely critical to be up-to-date nowadays. Even more people have left their desktops alone, majorly utilising their smartphones and tablets. Your website requires to be optimized and accessible for mobile platforms. Genesis is taking care of doing it for you. Mobile optimization is common practice if using the Genesis framework theme.

What's a Beaver Builder plugin?

Beaver Builder is a complete program design that uses drag-and-drop features for simple customer experience and enables users to modify their website layout. Beaver Builder contains a plugin for the page builder and a framework WordPress theme. When you're a WordPress developer, the beaver builder plugin works smoothly with WordPress. Beaver Builder gives you full control out over design layout and allows the user to easily design your site.

Beaver Builder can make you more efficient and also save you time. When you're a web designer, you can encourage your clients in making their own modifications easily. It helps your customers to relocate elements on the webpage anywhere they want, and also to adding new pictures or photos as they would like.

If a customer is encouraged to make modifications through his own, it provides a significant advantage. Beaver Builder provides lots of layouts and helps users to personalize their design layouts to give you amazing flexibility With Beaver Builder's extraordinary design ability and ease of use, you or your customers could even create stunning webpages in half of the time.

Beaver Builder's site goes on to explain the advantages of the Beaver Builder plugin that says, “Page Builder WordPress plugin can also be used on any WordPress theme so you can change themes without having lost your content. So if you chose to quit to use Beaver Builder, your data will be uploaded back to the WordPress editor.”

Is Beaver Builder working with the Genesis Framework?

Beaver Builder seamlessly integrates with Genesis WordPress theme and has many benefits in developing SEO websites.  In fact, Beaver Builder and Genesis offer top-notch assistance and guides. Beaver Builder has a base of knowledge which can be referenced before having to submit a support request; and Genesis support is accessible via a StudioPress account. ,The main objective within each platform is about being flexible, functional,  and user-friendly

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