Beaver Builder is a front end  What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) WordPress page builder which lets both web designers specialist and non-tech group members to rapidly and effortlessly construct compelling designs and page layouts. Learning website builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder,  Avada, and others page builders  is a skill of web design on its own, however the basic rules are easy to understand. 

Why do you use Beaver Builder?

Essentially, Beaver Builder lets users of all levels of skill create interesting and highly qualified custom websites faster. There seem to be a lot of different modules for that kind of website, whether that's a e-commerce, brochure,  blog and anything else. It is indeed SEO qualified, which would be crucial to today's highly competitive digital world. Also it's lightweight, fast, and considerably customizable, so that as you increase in your skills and knowledge of website design and CSS+HTML, you'll be able to deliver better  websites.

How to Install Beaver Builder?

Step 1. Install and activate the Beaver Builder plug-in.

For beaver builder  free version – Beaver Builder Lite: click on The download button upon the left side of the display and wait for the beaver builder plugin to be downloaded. Then click to activate it.

You must buy and then get the plugin for the premium version.

Step 2. Upload the Beaver Builder plugin

Go over to Plugins-> Add New-> Upload throughout the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Just choose Beaver Builder Plugin zip file which you saved to your local machine. 

 Step 3. Activate your license

If you've a free version, bypass this phase and go to Step 4. But at the other side, if you've a premium version, enable your beaver builder license to update the plugin remotely.

Go over to Settings > Beaver Builder from the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Fill the license key throughout the License option and click Save License Key. This license key could be found on the Beaver Builder official site management page . In addition, this license key will enable you switch on support and automatic updates from the Beaver Builder developer  Team.

Configuration of Beaver Builder in WordPress website

Step 4. In WordPress, click Activate plugin

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