Like the names indicate, GreatMag Pro is an excellent magazine theme for every website. It is also responsive and has plenty of widgets for the sidebar and the front page, and also sticky widgets. There have been 4 types of full-width blog layouts, various post layouts, and configurable icons menu.

In addition, you also can built the ‘Hot' label on the menu to get other excellent features, such as the integration of more than 800 Fonts from google. This theme is strongly recommended for die hard bloggers.

GreatMag Pro Features

Additional Widgets

The additional widgets in GreatMag Pro are: 2 additional types of featured post widgets, list of authors, as well as 2 additional types of single category post widgets.

Option of Footer Credits

GreatMag Pro allows you to change your own credits footer easily by accessing the Customizer. You can use HTML in the credits sector if you would like to.

Footer Background Picture

A good design begins with its header and comes to an end with the footer. Ensure that your footer looks very nice by inserting a image background  to it.


In addition to the default layout, GreatMag Pro lets you utilize three additional post templates where you can set separately for each one of your posts.

Icons Menu 

Adding icons on your website menu is a great way to increase your web's navigation and offer your visitors an even more viewing experience while viewing your webpages.

Social Footer's

With GreatMag Pro, you could also unlock a social bar inside the footer that reflects your social media profile on the header.

Sticky widgets

Sticky widgets enhance the sidebar experience by scrolling down the widgets along with the users. Incredibly useful in particular to cover the gaps.

Hot label of the menu

When there is something truly important in the menu, you now can highlight it with the Hot label that you can see here in the demo.

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