Some website owners love to use WordPress as their platform because the platform supports them with great features. That is why there are some WordPress theme builders available in which it is a page builder plugin that helps to create and control website elements. There are two theme builders you can use to build and develop your website namely Elementor and Beaver Builder. This article is trying to compare those two theme builders so you can choose the best one before developing a great website.

About WordPress Theme Builder

WordPress theme builder is the WordPress page builder plugins. The function is to help website owners to create and control the website elements. By using this page builder plugin, you are able to manage the headers and footers, blog and archive templates, and many others. This is a great product for those who want to build a personal website page instead of using a theme.

Elementor Theme Builder

Elementor theme builder has launched its new version namely the Elementor Pro 2. Interestingly, it seems that the features included on the theme builder are similar to the Beaver Themer. Even, some theme builder users said it is just like a clone. According to the detail, it seems that Elementor theme builder wants to match and imitate its competitor including offering some free services. The similarities make the competitor, Beaver Themer looks more expensive.

Features Friendly WordPress Theme Builder

As a theme builder, you want to be supported by a friendly WordPress theme builder service, right? Talking about an easy to use or friendly features, Elementor Pro 2 is considered as an easy to use WordPress theme builder even for the beginner users.

Moreover, website owners really love with the well-designed header and footer Blocks. By using Blocks you are able to use pre-made, pre-designed, or create your own custom designs website page. This feature saves your time a lot while designing a page for your website. Besides offering great header and footer designs, this theme builder is also a great solution whether you want to use a full-page template or custom page template.


Both, the Elementor Pro 2 and Beaver Builder offer premium theme builder plugins. You have to pay an annual renewal cost to get the latest update and support continuously. The good news is that this builder service offers annual renewal discount price around 50%. The discount price is even higher than Beaver Builder. The cost to spend on a website is $49 and you want to use it for some of your websites, you just need to spend $199.


Elementor Pro 2 is also a compatible theme builder plugin. It is compatible with several services including WooCommerce, toolset, easy digital downloads, and advanced custom fields. The problem is that you can only use the Elementor Pro if you want to use it with advanced custom fields and toolset.

Moreover, it is is not compatible with pods. That’s why this theme builder is considered as a compatible service and it makes people love to use it. Because of its compatibility, you can also design and develop your website maximally more than you are expected before.


This article wants to give you a fair detail. The drawback of this theme builder is on its features. It is true that Elementor Pro 2 offers great features and performance to the users. The problem is that it seems that those features are not a revolutionary feature at all. The website owners who ever used Beaver Builder and try to use Elementor Pro 2 knows that Elementor imitates its competitor.

Even, Beaver Builder has developed, implemented, and launched the same idea a year before Elementor. Most Elementor Pro 2 users said that this is a great WordPress theme builder along with fantastic features. It is true! But for those who have used Beaver Builder from 2017, they know that most of the features have been used by Beaver. Moreover, Elementor Pro 2 doesn’t support transparent headers, user-role, visitor logged-in or out status. The user interface is also a little bit confusing, especially for the first time users.

Beaver Theme Builder

Now, let’s talk about the competitor, the Beaver Builder. Does this WordPress theme builder as great as what the users said? Beaver Builder was launched for the first time in May 2017. Since that, this theme builder developed rapidly with a variety of great features. The most important, the theme builder was introduced a year before the Elementor theme builder. Let’s talk more about the detail of this theme builder.


Both of the theme builders have great features due to its similarity. But it seems that Beaver Builder features are easier to use than Elementor Pro 2. The users seem to be comfortable with the features because it supports them to create an outstanding website page for a maximal website. You may choose this theme builder, especially if you want to use the simplest and elegant web design tools. The point is that anytime the builder launches a new feature, it comes with a new solution and it works well.

More Access to Control the Theme

Too bad, this service doesn’t have a feature just like Blocks which presented by Elementor Pro 2. The good thing is that Beaver Builder gives you more access to control the WordPress themes. Let say, you are able to display the content based on the conditional rules such as whether you are the administrator, editor, author, or visitor. The point is that this theme builder has stronger conditional display rules than Elementor Pro 2.

Stronger Layout Options

The best part of using Beaver Theme Builder is that you can customize the display of a group of posts. The layout options are also offered in a variety of styles so you can manage the blog index pages and the archive well. It can be said that it is a revolutionary development made by the theme builder. While customizing your WordPress website, you can also create a blog index, custom category page. Even, you can also create outstanding columns, masonry, gallery, and post layout.


If you say that Beaver Themer is an expensive service, you need to check the cost and the products you are about to use. It is true that the price is more expensive than its competitor. Let say, you have to spend around $246 on one website. The great thing about the cost is that you also have to spend the same amount of money no matter how much websites you want. It means you can use the theme anywhere on your WordPress websites.


Some of the themes are compatible with any kind of website and the rest might be adapted. What makes Beaver Themer difference than Elementor Pro 2 is on its compatibility with any kind of system. You can use the theme builder along with WooCommerce, easy digital downloads, advanced custom fields, and toolset.

Even, the theme builder is also compatible with pods. Furthermore, this theme builder provides you with transparent headers, user role, and logged in or out status. The builder can be used freely without any limitation just like the Elementor Pro 2.

In short, you are about to get the best experience while building your website including when you are designing and customizing the web page. The instructions are easy to learn and use even if you are a beginner user. It is a strong theme builder so it helps you to reach your goals while building a website for any kind of purposes.


Talking about the drawbacks, it seems that there is no significant problem with the services and facilities given by the Beaver Themer. One thing they have to consider is the expensive price. If the theme builder is offered at a competitive price, it will be great.


So, which one of the best theme builders? Does it Elementor Pro 2 or Beaver Themer? To answer this question, you should consider the things you need from the theme builder. Elementor Pro 2 can be the best theme builder for some website owners but the rest might choose Beaver Themer for their best WordPress theme builder service. In this case, you just need to check the features offered by those two builders deeper.

Just answer the question of whether you need a feature just like Blocks which offered by the Elementor Pro 2 or complete features and more access just like offered by Beaver Builder. You should think also about the price. Just consider the money you want to spend to develop a website and several websites. The answer will be strongly related to the purpose of developing the websites. If you think that the income from the websites can cover the development cost, you can go with the expensive one. If it is not, you may try to use the affordable one but you are still satisfied with the result.

The point is that you know that developing a website, especially a website page is easy to do as long as you take the best service. Whether you have to choose elementor theme or Beaver Builder, it is totally up to you! Just learn the detail above so you can get the best WordPress theme builder just like what you are expected.

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