Before we talk about about Elementor, you will first have to know what WordPress really is since both of them are completely related. Without WordPress, there will be no Elementor. Now, let’s figure out what it is!

To explain what WordPress is, the simplest way is to say that it is the most popular and the simplest way you can use to create a website or blog, and that website or blog is owned by you. In other way, it is used to create a website. It is so popular and it is estimated that there are so many websites which are powered by it; about 32% of websites found over the globe on the internet are actually based on WordPress! Besides, it is also customizable and free, further contributing to its popularity. Well, as one of the ways to customize the WordPress page you own, you can use Elementor in order to do it! Your page would definitely look more gorgeous and interesting.

Elementor Theme Builder- What It actually is

Now, what are the things you need to know about this software which becomes our main topic? The first thing you need to know about it is that it is not an application but a plugin for WordPress which functions as a drag-and-drop page builder. The software provides you the ability to customize your WordPress-based website with its separate interface, accessible via a new button located on the editing page of WordPress.

Elementor Page Builder is also well-received by most users since you will figure out that the software achieved average score of 9 across a lot of review sites on the internet. Besides, most reviews consider it as a pleasant plugin to use. Besides, practicality is the main focus of the plugin since you do not need to know about coding to use it.

Does the drag-and-drop page builder require you to pay an amount of money before you download and use it? Well, if you plan to use it only for customizing one site, then, you would not be required to spend money to download the software. And using the free version actually does not hurt either since you can get the 90% of the full features available. But if you wish to be more serious, you can pay USD 49 to enable you get the rest of the features for one site, USD 99 for three sites, and USD 199 for unlimited number of sites.

Features Available

There are many features you can get if you use Elementor. The features are absolutely useful for you. Below you will find some of them.

  1. Template library

Indeed, the software provides a wide range of customization thanks to the detailed settings and customization options available, but what if you simply have no time to perform such task that are clearly consuming too much time? Or, is it your first time using WordPress and have no idea what to do? Well, you do not need to worry too much since Elementor also has a library which contains a bunch of pre-built templates that you can use effortlessly!

  1. Responsive design controls for both desktop and mobile

Sure, a good design control for desktop view might not sound so special since every WordPress-based page builders have such a feature. However, a good design control for mobile is an excellent feature to have since mobile devices now have the largest web traffic. Elementor has a comfortable design that is suitable for mobile browsers.

  1. Layout controls are detailed

Most page builders available for you to download tend to eliminate the need for custom code for the sake of simplicity. This makes most page builders lose a bit of their flexibility. However, this is not the case for Elementor since it gives you so many controls that are intuitive. The plugin enables you to perform various tasks, such as placing widgets, sections, and columns anywhere you wish to place them. Your website can now receive a high number of customization by using Elementor Page Builder.

The strengths you can find

There are a lot of strengths, or pros, that you can find when you are using Elementor as a page builder. Well, the pros are:

  1. You can receive most of the features without any purchase and the features offered in the free versions are top-notch;
  2. A lot of features are available and all of them are absolutely easy to use;
  3. Building a custom  but simple page layout is possible with the plugin since the page does not require any skills in terms of HTML, CSS, or PHP;
  4. A better editing accuracy thanks to its real-time preview;
  5. You are able to separately customize and adjust the views of the desktop, tablet , and mobile; and
  6. The rollback options which enable you to revert back and use the earlier version of the plugin in case of any bugs would arise after an update.

The weaknesses you can find

Although the software itself is a wonderful plugin you can use to customize any WordPress-based website page, it is actually not perfect and still has some weaknesses that haunt it. Well, what are the cons of the software?

  1. The plugin gives you the ability to customize your page but it has no ability to let you stylize the link of your page and it does not inherit the proper link styles from the theme you currently use; and
  2. Expect yourself to encounter numerous bugs since there are so many of them in terms of general fonts and texts customization.

Definitely, the bugs are the most annoying cons you would get when using the plugin. But overall, it is still a good tool to customize your page, as long it is WordPress-based. Well, those are the things you have to know from Elementor Page Builder!

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