The Divi theme is the latest innovation launched at the end of 2013 by Elegant Themes. After a long 4 months in working the Divi WordPress theme, Elegant Themes finally announced that Divi is the most powerful and flexible theme they have by far. With modern and clean look, the Divi theme could be your choice for your online portfolio or ecommerce store. When talking about this newest theme from Elegant Themes, there is no limit in expectation. Divi theme has something special for everyone.

Introducing The Divi Builder, Divi theme will make you work as a professional web designer but with simpler tools. The drop and drag buttons in three layers of websites element will make it easy for you to customize your website. You can personalize the columns, rows and the modules of your web page layouts. With hundreds choice of modules that will work with your website need, you can easy add modules like “image”, “shop”, “toggle”, “subscribe” and more to the web function.

The modern and subtle design of Divi theme will make your website pleases your audience’s eyes and easy navigation throughout the web will make your website visitors comfortable in staying in your website. If you are aiming to make sales from your website, the theme you are using will mostly be the representatives of your company. A good theme that is friendly to use would most likely to attract more visitor and increase your website’s revenue. Or if you are a photographer or a graphic designer, you might need a web theme that works with slide shows and gallery and the Divi theme provide you with that.

Although many people have referred Divi theme as a mini theme builder, but the team at Elegant Themes said that Divi is not meant to be used as a theme builder. It’s just an innovation in customizing the details of your website so that there won’t be two website that looks the same. Divi WordPress theme customization begins with the smallest specifics of a website, such as modules, rows, columns, sliding images and fonts. They also have an extra Short Code plug-in that offers hundreds of buttons for your website that you can choose from.

Divi theme also comes with a responsive system so when it’s being open in any kind of devices it will suit the device without having to ruin the website look. With many different kind of devices that web users and visitor uses, this feature is very important. We surely remember those themes that look better on PC but a disaster when opened through the mobile phone.

The team at Divi theme from Elegant Themes understands that many of the website owners or users are not experts on web design and page coding. So the Divi Builder is provided for those who want to have a professional looking website without having to learn special skill as a web developer. This new feature from Divi WordPress theme will make it easy to build a website and it’s not like any other theme developer has done. No matter how much customization you do to your web page layout, the page coding will not change. That is what make the Divi Builder is a theme customization system that will give your website an instant improvement without having to changing the web page code first.

But when you have no time in working the layouts, you can choose from the 18 pre-made themes that the team from Elegant Theme provided. These cool pre-made themes will look even better with the touch of your personal photo background, and they even allow a video background for different page of your website. With the wide customization range, the possibility of how your website might look is limitless. You can save this layout or custom it a little bit to have some personalization in your Divi theme.

Whether you are using it for your online store, photo portfolio, design portfolio or just your personal website, Divi theme always have something to offer. Divi WordPress theme has taken us to the new level of self web developing, make web design easier and improve our ways in interacting with our website details. Some web developer even uses Elegant Themes as their theme provider. The Divi theme and other themes from Elegant Themes also have the e-Panel that will help you in managing keyword, Meta tagging and directory. It will keep your website SEO friendly and also clutter less.

As a website owner, you might want to rebuild your website and give it a fresh look but you don’t want to lose the layout. You need not worry, because Divi theme allows you to load and save your own customized layout and even load it on another WordPress installs. The color range that you can choose from is also limitless, create new colors and combine it with another to make your Divi WordPress theme works.

The best thing is Elegant Themes has the best customer service and IT support. It will respond to the troubles you are having instantly, and they even offer you a refund if you do not satisfied within the first 30 days. If you have further troubles and they seem to have a difficulty in solving it, they will also offer you a refund after they make sure that they can’t work the problem out. How good is that? A glimpse of the Divi theme action and you will find yourself in the next hour playing with every details of your upcoming website.

With more than 200.000 subscribers worldwide, Elegant Themes is one of the most trusted web page theme designers. You can get the Divi theme by subscribing to Elegant Themes yearly or life membership. With the cost of $39 you can get the full choice of every theme and plug-in that Elegant Themes has, including Divi theme. If Divi comes from the word divine, I am sure that Divine is the best word that defines the Divi theme perfectly.

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