Dynamik Website Builder is one of the most common resources for creating WordPress topics. This valuable tool has been developed especially for users of the Genesis platform. Here are everything you need to know about if you are looking to use the developer tool for your WordPress subject.

About the Web Design Tool

Basically, it can be said that Dynamik website builder is a Genesis Child Theme. However, the tool actually can do more. The product is specially developed to help the users to customize their website directly without the necessity to change any code. The tool comes with an option for coding design that usually serves to help the users to turn their WordPress dashboard into the platform of the Genesis web design.

Dynamik Web Builder is a very strong thematic app, which enables users to develop their own custom WordPress website on the Genesis platform. Eric Hamm, a developer and programmer prominent in this field, developed the app. He builds his own company, Cobalt Apps, that specializes in creating and developing software. However, the application is not something new in the market since it has been around for sometimes and it is still considered to be the best tool for website builder in the market.

Who Is the Theme For?

This software seems to be the best design solution due to some reasons. The features of the website builder come with a wide range of selection to opt and it has broad appeal. The application is best used by those who want to make their own custom themes based on the framework of Genesis.

However, the tool can work optimally for a DIY web designer that wants to be able to do more than the skill sets that they have now could allow. The tool will also benefit the most for those who work as freelance developers that need to the development tool to improve their professional grade. The software will not only fulfill their requirements but it can also grow along the way.

The Features of Dynamik Website Builder

The website builder of Cobalt Apps Company comes with many interesting features to make sure that the users of the tool will get what they need from it.

  • 49 one-click to configure homepage.
  • There are more than 800-no coding designs that the users can opt.
  • Options for responsive layout used in the multi-device compatibility.
  • The tool can be used to make conditions that enable the users to show specific elements in their custom themes include menus and sidebars placed on certain pages.
  • It comes with front end live preview CSS builder and editor.
  • The website builder will make it possible for you to export the custom design you have made before as a Genesis child theme and use it on the other sites of WordPress.
  • To create a custom CSS generator, there will be no-coding needed.
  • The tool will also enable you to create snapshots and export settings that can be used in the backup process as a future reference.
  • You can both export and import skins by using the tool to allow you to use quick-start templates as well as share your designs.

The Pros of the Product

Dynamik Website Builder comes with many useful features, to help create your own custom design-based themes. Here are the benefits you can get from the website builder tool.

  1. Get Instant Front-End Feedback

Dynamik is completed with unusual “Site Preview”, This features will make it possible for the users to preview their site when they are customize their website. The window preview will present you with frequent updates each time you save a new change in your design. In this way, you will be able to get instant front-end feedback to make the creating process of the design runs smoothly.

  1. Speed Up the Creating Process of the Design

The Dynamik Skin of the tool offers a lot of benefits for the users. The pre-customized Dynamik Skins will allow you to turn from a stock design to a more starting point. In addition, they are also an ideal choice for you who want to save and share the design you have made before.

  1. Create a Professional Design on Any Size of Device

The software also makes it possible for the users to create a professional and gorgeous design on any sized device. This is because the Dynamik comes with a core set of responsive selections. Either it is simply point-and-click control or custom CSS by using intuitive media query, it will bring your modern design to your website .

  1. Powerful Web Design Tools

The website builder tool from Cobalt Apps is a really powerful tool that developed for Genesis Child Theme. It does not only come with various interesting features such as Skin functionality and point-and-click design options. Dynamik Content Builder also completed with custom content controls and custom coding to make the designing process is easier to do.

  1. A Complete Visual At Any Time

There are a lot of action hooks that you can find in the Framework of Genesis. This is possible to happen due to the existence of powerful custom hook functionality provided. The Dynamik tool will instantly display the exact hook of your job whenever you need it.

The Cons of the Product

Dynamik Website Builder will need you to have basic knowledge on how to code CSS, PHP, and HTML. In addition, the license of Dynamik needs renewal after one year of usage. The renewals that you have to pay will be about 50% off the original price when you purchase the product.

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