The Beaver Builder developer released the Beaver Themer which is Theme Builder Framework for wordpress. It was an add-on to the Beaver Builder wordpress plugin which will extend the beaver builder to the extraordinary web development along with a new world of opportunities. Beaver Themer is the very first official addons Beaver Builder wordpress plugin to be made public, following continuous work and effort as well as the innovation of the previous plugin.

What can be done by Beaver Themer?

The Beaver Builder plugin has been built to allow anybody to develop custom work for their WordPress pages and posts at the  drag-and-drop front end user interface. Once you have set up the Beaver Themer add-on next to the Beaver Builder, you could begin customise the around the places of the webpage, such as the header and footer sectors and also theme templates.

On this  Beaver Themer review we can discover and analyze the primary features of this website builder.

Without  Beaver Themer, the one and only thing to configure such areas of the WordPress site will be to modify the PHP files template  that create up your Website theme. If you're not a developer or a coder, all except the smallest modifications will be out of your control.

Today, with Beaver Themer, non-coders could even modify these places of their websites, while developers could use this addons to operate much quicker and more effectively than it was before.

In simple terms, Beaver Themer is a weapon that allows users to build all areas of your WordPress site –  not only page and post —through an user friendly drag-and-drop gui. 

Beaver Themer Add-on features

Beaver Theme would be a whole globe of new opportunities. This indicates that you could do anything that you can imagine using this excellent plugin and beaver themer add-on. There are infinite possibilities, and the features are comprehensive. We can divide the features of Beaver Themer into 4 major headings.

  • Field Connection
  • Parts of theme
  • Templates of theme
  • Post Grids

What is  the field connections

This is among the most amazing features introduced by the Beaver Themer addon. Field Connections attach your associated data to current modules For instance, you could add the title of the post inside the header module or just use a field connection to take the picture in the row background. The Beaver Builder developer has also simplified this by developing “shortcut modules” like Post Title, which become regular modules with field connections also now in place.

Field connections are user-friendly, and you can make some data connections you need.

Headers & Footers

The large number of webmasters requested the adjustment of Header and Footer addons from the beaver builder developer. This is good news for them, too. Yeah sure, also with support of Beaver Themer, people now can easily create their wordpress site headers and footers and use the Page Builder. It was presently only available while using Beaver Themer addons and  the Beaver Builder theme or maybe one of the themes supported.

Header Footer Design

Not only can you create headers & footers, but Beaver Themer already provides the ability to manage which webpages they will display to which users.

This could also be extended by applying circumstances to particular headers to display them only to particular user or to specific pages. You could even, for instance, make a small transparent website header for your main page and a completely seperate header for the remainder of your website. Or, you could make a separate footer for login users or website administrators that displays specific areas or options.

What theme parts are

Theme Parts are specific parts of the Beaver Builder material which can be used all across your website. For instance, you could make a mailing list signup form or CTA button, and then place it in the different areas accessible. It is one of the key features of the framework for developing future websites.

What is the Posts Grid

When you're using the Beaver Builder plugin, you may be knowledgeable with the Beaver Builder Posts Module. Beaver Themer uses the very same idea, but expanding the amount to 11.

With 11 various styles provided, you could choose from different styles, layouts,  and flexibly filter archival materials with taxonomy and custom enquiries. You can also implement HTML and entirely transform the appearance of your design elements.

Conclusion on the review of Beaver Themer

As you've seen, this addon gives you a lot more control on the WordPress website unlike almost any page builder WordPress plugin currently available. And be able to build configurable headers and footers for the website, and also custom templates for webpages and also blog post archives, gives us the ability to create a distinctive WordPress site.

If you'd like to create a unique website and are interested in purchasing and to use the Beaver Builder Theme or even one of the completely compatible options, the Beaver Themer and Beaver Builder plugin  combination is recommendable. However, if you don't use a fully compatible WordPress theme, it's not as simple to suggest Beaver Themer. Instead, it is time to decide whether the slightly limited usability helps to make this tool a good option for your website.

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