Do you know what the most important thing you must get first when you want to build a blog or website using the WordPress platform is? Website or blog plan? That’s correct. We're talking here, however, about WordPress theme. The subject of top quality allows you to create a website or blog of the highest quality. And, speaking about best-quality WordPress theme, we have astra theme here.

What is Astra Theme?

Astra theme for the WordPress platform is one of the most flexible themes. For many reasons, this theme provides so many helpful features. You may also use this theme when you choose to create a website or blog for personal or professional use, such as online retailers or official websites. And, it doesn’t matter what kinds of business that you run.

Astra theme is also built with the easy-to-use concept. Everything can be used and modified in the simplest possible way. Therefore, even if you don’t know that much about designing a blog or website, you still can produce a good result with the help from this theme. Moreover, with this theme, the time you need to finish your website design will be much shorter.

Astra theme is available in two different versions, the paid and free version. Of course, the paid or premium version will give you more features and benefits than the free version. But, from our perspective, the free version is good enough for a basic website or personal blog. So, this is a great chance you can try.

The Features

Astra theme has a lot of key features inside. They are also the reason why many people and the expert said this theme as one of the best theme ever created. So, here are the features you can find in Astra theme.

1.    Very Lightweight Built and Focus on Speed

This is maybe the best features you can get from a WordPress theme. You should understand that the most annoying thing you face when you visit a website is the slow page loading. Astra theme solves that problem with its unique built. With this theme, you can really make your website or blog load really fast. Plus, it also doesn’t need too much resource to operate.

How its speed performance? This theme can load with the size under 50 Kb. This is really small, compared to other themes that need 1 MB. However, you can only get this result, if you don’t use plugins or widgets, which is a good thing.

Astra theme also doesn’t use JQuery library on the theme. Instead, the theme designer team uses the code that can represent it in the theme. So, the loading process is really fast. You also can see how this theme tops the result on many page speed test tools.  

2.     Easy to Install

Astra theme is also extremely easy to install. You don’t need to use a complicated process to do that. Firstly, just download the theme. You will get the ZIP file with all Astra theme files inside. Now, you can just activate this theme from your WordPress admin panel. Upload the ZIP file and your Astra theme is ready to use.

3.    Customizable Layout Features

This feature allows you to modify all parts and elements of your website or blog easily. This feature can be divided into 5 parts for each part of the page you can edit, such as:

–       Container Layout Editor

This feature allows you to modify the structure of your website. You will find 5 options you can modify in this features. They are Container Width, Default Container, Container for Pages, Container for Blog Posts, and Container for Blog Archives. Just like its name, you can change the value as well as the type of each of those options to change how your website looks like.

–       Header Layout Editor

You can find this editor in the Container option. Just choose the Container Header menu and you will find two options, the Site Identity, and Primary Header. You can change your website logo or tagline with the Site Identity option. And, the Primary Header is useful to change how your website will look like on the Desktop or mobile version.

–       Blog Layout Editor

Blog Layout Editor is specially made so you will have more freedom to modify your post. There are many things you can change in this editor. For example, you can change the type of post layout that you want, from a single post to multiple posts that will be shown at the same time. You also can edit the elements of the post, such as the author name, date, comment and more.

–       Sidebar Layout Editor

Just like its name, you can modify your sidebar with this editor. There are three options you can choose, which is No Sidebar, Left Sidebar, or Right Sidebar. The result is just like what those options said. Moreover, you also can adjust the width and the widgets or elements you want to put in your sidebar.

–       Footer Layout Editor

You can edit the footer here, and it’s easy to use. Just choose the type of footer that you want to use. Then, you will find many slider and options you can change. This will affect how your page footer will look like.

Other than those 5 layout editors, you also can change many elements on your sites, such as colors, background, font and many more. And, the best of all, you can get this editor feature on both versions, free and premium.

4.    Mega Menu

The latest Astra theme has already equipped with perfectly-worked Mega Menu. On the previous version, the Mega Menu is only available in the Beta version. So, this is also one of the best features you can get from this theme.

The Mega Menu features allow you to create menu easily. Moreover, you also can modify it so it will look interesting and attractive. You can even make it into a dynamic menu, so it won’t only please your eyes, but also easy to use.

The developer of Astra theme gives many styling options you can choose. You also can find widget options as well as page builder in this menu. Therefore, you have more options to create a menu that you like.

5.    Astra Child Theme

This is actually a great feature that Astra theme can have. Unfortunately, you can’t get this feature included in the theme that you bought or downloaded for free. You can only get it by using the child theme generator from the Astra theme official website.

With this child theme, you can edit many parts of your website and blog. For example, you can use it to add a screenshot, author name and many more.

6.    Astra Hooks

One of the advantages of Astra theme is it doesn’t require coding to do the modification or change the part of your website or blog. However, with the codes, you can even change and modify the theme and how your site looks like freely.

Now, for Astra theme, if you want to add the codes, you can use the Astra Hooks feature. You can find this option on the WordPress Customizer menu. It’s located on the bottom. Just choose the Hooks option, and you can start to add the codes to this theme to change its function or appearance.

7. LifterLMS and LearnDash Integration

LifterLMS and LearnDash are the online learning and course program. So if you need to create an online course website using one of these two services, Astra Theme has been designed and customized integrated with them.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

With so many useful features in Astra theme, it’s easy to list the advantages that you can get from this theme. One of the useful benefits is the Schema ready benefits. With this advantage, the search engine will be much easier to describe the content of your blog or website. That way when someone uses the keywords that related to your content, they will find your site easily.

Astra theme is also compatible with many page builders, such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer and many more. If you usually use one of those builders, you can still integrate this theme with your page builder, which make you easily use and edit your site.

We almost can’t find the disadvantages of this theme. However, if we have to mention the flaw of Astra theme, it will be the too simple design and editor. It is perfect for a beginner. However, if you usually use the coding and build a website from scratch, it’s not comfortable to use this kind of simplified editor.

The Prices

Astra theme is available in two pricing option, the free and premium. The premium version is available in two types, the Pro and Agency. For Pro, you will need to pay $59 to get the theme. And, for Agency type, it will be $249.

The price is reasonable, especially if you really want to create a website for making money. Fortunately, if you just want to use it for personal blog or website, the free version is available for you. Overall, with the price and features, plus performance, it’s not surprising if many people call astra theme as the best WordPress theme.

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